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The EDC is a private non-profit dedicated to the success of Whidbey and Camano businesses. In 2016 we handled over 1,200 requests from county businesses and organizations. We answered SBA loan questions; held social media, financing, and business tools workshops; provided nearly 100 grant announcements to non-profits and schools, and much more.

We’re here to help you succeed. Whether just starting out, growing and hiring and expanding, or selling your shop or closing your doors, we’re here as a confidante, a partner, and an information resource. Members of the EDC get the following extra support:

  • Business listing

    on the EDC website*

  • Weekly exclusive e-newsletter

    packed with the status of the nation’s and state’s economies, recession prediction statistics, naval contractor and individual employment opportunities, opportunity internship information, and more. (If you choose this level as one location of a chain, only employees of your location will be eligible to be added to the mailing list)

  • EDC reports and information tools

    Throughout the year, our expert staff compile reports on demographics, living wage, retail sales tax and leakage into surrounding areas, and more. Members receive these reports first and free, every time.

  • Reduced rate

    to all EDC workshops and the annual meeting.


1-10 Employees:            $60
11-20 Employees:        $100
21-30 Employees:        $150
31-50 Employees:        $200
51-99 Employees:        $300
100-150 Employees:    $500
151-199 Employees: $1,000
200+ Employees:      $1,500

Non-Profit Organizations

0-2 Employees:         $40
3-10 Employees:       $60
11-25 Employees:     $100
26+ Employees:        $200



*Note: Individual/Family members will not be listed on the EDC website.

If you would prefer an Adobe Form you can download, fill out, and email or mail to us, you can get that here.

icedcBecome a Member/Renew Your Membership